ssm – SSH Shell Menu

SSH Shell Menu written in Python Source: This is a small python script for a shell menu to manage and open ssh connections. Requirements python3 dialog pythondialog Installation Install Debian packages and pip packages Copy ssm to /usr/bin/local Create connections.ini Create folder in home directory and create connections.ini file. For each server create a … Weiterlesen

Python: Snippet: SSH shell on Cisco devices

Mit dem Snippet können Kommandos auf einer Cisco Shell via SSH ausgeführt werden. #!/usr/bin/env python import paramiko import sys def send_string_and_wait_for_string(command, wait_string, should_print): shell.send(command) receive_buffer = „“ while not wait_string in receive_buffer: receive_buffer += shell.recv(1024) if should_print: print receive_buffer return receive_buffer client = paramiko.SSHClient() client.load_system_host_keys() client.set_missing_host_key_policy(paramiko.AutoAddPolicy()) client.connect(„″, username=“testuser“, password=“testpasswd“, look_for_keys=False, allow_agent=False) shell = client.invoke_shell() send_string_and_wait_for_string(„“, … Weiterlesen