Check_MK: Export hosts to SecureCRT Session Manager

This script exports over an Check_MK View hosts and imports them in SecureCRT Session Manager. Get source code: The bundled python of SecureCRT not support urllib / urllib2 (see I don`t want to modify the bundled python version of SecureCRT, so i have decided to put the code in an extra binary. The advantage … Weiterlesen

Commandline Tool for exporting Cisco hardware inventory via SNMP

This tool exports every hardware asset from an Cisco device with a serial number. You can export the list as table or CSV. Download: >python -h usage: [-h] -H HOST -v SNMP_VERSION [-C SNMP_COMMUNITY] [-u SNMP_USER] [-A SNMP_AUTH] [-a SNMP_AUTH_METHOD] [-X SNMP_PRIVACY] [-x SNMP_PRIVACY_METHOD] [-L SNMP_SECURITY] [–csv] Cisco inventory grabber Version 0.1 Written … Weiterlesen