Outlook 2016 issues with many mailboxes and many folders

I had a huge problem at one of my clients. He has an Exchange 2016 CU8 with Windows 10 Clients and Outlook 2016 Build 8829 click-to-run. The customer has in total 20 mailboxes and all coworkers (5) in most cases have full access to each other. Some of the users have a big folder structure … Weiterlesen

NGINX Reverse Proxy für Exchange 2016

Folgende Pakete müssen auf einem Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installiert werden: apt install nginx nginx-extras Die Konfiguration wird abgelegt unter /etc/nginx/conf.d/exchange.conf Folgende Dinge müssen angepasst werden: DNS Name unter dem OWA etc. erreichbar sein soll z.B. mail.example.org Autodiscover DNS Name z.B. autodiscover.example.org Interner Exchange Server z.B. exchange-server.example.internal server { listen 80; server_name mail.example.org autodiscover.example.org; return 301 … Weiterlesen